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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


  Hey everyone! Hope everyone's doing great. So today my post will be about the opening of Inglot Cosmetics in Islamabad including a few details about their makeup range and new shop! Read on!

  Nishat has opened Inglot's franchise here in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan. Since im from Islamabad, I'll be covering this one, Inglot has its branch in Centaurus Mall, 3rd floor, so u guys can visit. Inglot is basically a Polish brand and has excellent quality makeup at a very affordable price. Their eyeshadows have on and off been compared to MAC and URBAN DECAY's eyeshadow and almost always Inglot trumps over both of these brands! Which is awesome, you get awesome quality and good price. So far I've tried their eyeshadows and illuminator and they are bloody brilliant! The rest i will let you guys know as i check em out!
  So onwards towards some pics of their counters and all. Let me introduce you to their Freedom System which is one of the main highlights of this brand, The Freedom system allows you to make your own customised palettes which can include eyeshadows, lipsticks, concealers, face powders, bronzers, blushes and highlighters and contour powders. And all of these individual categories have loads of shades to select from. As for the palette, they have their own magnetic palettes range to choose from or you could also use your own magnetic palette that you already have or can get online AND i will soon write a tutorial on how to make your OWN magnetic palette. :D

   Look at all the range of eyeshadows and you can choose any colour you want!

   Concealers, face powders, blushers, bronzers etc

  Lipsticks and blushers!

  So this is one of their palettes, i chose this one to give u an idea, you can choose a palette that has all square slots for eyeshadows, or rectangular slots, or round ones or mixed.

  All this said, i would definitely definitely recommend their eyeshadows, the rest i haven't tried yet, will let you guys know when i do or you can go check for yourself and let me know too ^_^ And if it sounds so, no its not a sponsored post :) I just thought i should share this for everyone and anyone who would want to read about this. So takecare, hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know what you think of this in the comments below!


  1. Lovely post. I didn't know Pakistan has moved on sooooo fast. Thanks for the updates. Will visit when I am in Pak next. Imi

  2. Lovely post. I didn't know Pakistan has moved on sooooo fast. Thanks for the updates. Will visit when I am in Pak next. Imi

    1. Thankyou so much! Hope you visit PK soon!