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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Medora Of London Lipstick Collection - Review And Swatches

  Hey everyone! Todays post is about one of the local brands of Pakistan. I've been buying lipsticks for 700-1500-2000 bucks ($ 7-15-20 ), but THESE lippies just cost Pkr 110 ($ 1)! i could buy 15 of these for the price of 1600 bucks and with the huge colour range they have, these are actually excellent worth for your money.

My Review:

  These lippies come in grey plastic covers with a golden ring in the centre and golden lines painted on the top and botton. These lines fade away rather quickly (who cares!). The packaging is satisfactory and a common one.
  Medora has a LARGE variety of shades for their lippies, there are frosted ones, shimmery ones, glittery ones and most of them are matte. They are not VERY moisturizing but they are with an ok amount of moisture in them (could use a bit more) but this makes them stay on your lips for a longer time. They glide on your lips just fine and are VERY pigmented. You can use an additional lipbalm with these if you feel like it. They have a very faint, flowery scent which is not bad at all.
  The colours are GREAT! i love how many colours they have. I dont think theres a colour you wont find :p. And since these are so cheap you can try any colour you like without cutting out your heart or if you want a lipstick for just a particular event, these are a great choice, easy on the wallet and loads of shades to choose from :).


  So here are the few medora lipsticks in my collection with their swatches.

The Reds:

                                                               (L to R) Real red, True Red, Flash, Burgundy

The Pinks:

                                        (L to R) Shocking Pink, Chiffon Blush, Flavour, Feista, Baby Pink

The Nudes/ Peaches/ Browns:

                           (L to R) Brown Fever, Gold Opal, Demure, Iced Coffee, Glitter G-804 swatches

Gold opal looks soooo pretty on the lips, also the glitter G-804 gives a pretty pinky peachy colour on the lips with tiny glittery specs. The glitter range is a separate range in medora lipsticks.

Updated New Shades:

                                     (L to R) Miss fizz, Antique pink, Tender peach, Saffron


  - Dirt Cheap
  - Beautiful and pigmented colours
  - Huge variety of colours
  - Easily available all over Pakistan
  - Good staying power


  - Might be a bit drying
  - Packaging is kinda ordinary (only esthetics) not really a con is it :p


  Medora lipsticks are available at any cosmetics shop all over Pakistan for Pkr 110. Do not for a moment think that because they are local and so cheap they are any less in their performance, I think they are absolutely excellent as a whole package for their price, colours, pigmentation and stay.

My Rating:  4.5/5 


  1. WOW! awesome photography and swatches :) I just discovered your blog and loving it!
    I have done a Medora post as well, do check it out :-)

    Looking forward to more of this from your side <3 Cheers

    1. thanku so much! thats so kind of u :) i will definitely check your blog out <3

  2. My first lippies were from medora :D Randomly discovered your blog whilst googling for new medora shades to tyr out. Love your swatches! Followed ya!
    maila @

  3. Hi love the blog, where did you buy these from? it is very difficult to find good medora colours :(

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