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Monday, 8 September 2014

Beauty Treats 24 Colour Warm Eye Palette Review And Swatches

  Hey everyone! Today im reviewing a gorgeous nude shades palette by Beauty Treats! Omg I must say im impressed by the price, the colours, the quality! Read on for details on this everyday nude palette.

My Review:

  This palette consists of a plastic casing with a transparent top cover as you can see. And on the lower side the ingredients are listed. The casing is very sturdy, i really like it! 

  There are two sponge type dual ended eyeshadow applicators in it, and 24 beaaauuuutiful natural eye shadows for eveyrday use, for a party makeup, whatever you like. Right now this is my go to palette for everyday use.

  Coming to the quality, i am pleasantly surprised, for such a small price, these are actually very good! Not flaky or powdery at all, rather a bit velvety, easy to apply and blend. The pigmentation is also great! Obviously the darker shades show up more, you might feel that some (2 or 3) lighter shades are showing up less, but believe me, they show up perfectly on the eyes. 5 shades are totally matte, others have shimmer in them. As for stay time and creasing, i wore them for 9 hours i think and they were there at the end of the day on my eyes :D. There was a little creasing but thats because i did not use an eye primer, if you do that, they'll be just fine!
(Alright i know it looks like im advertising these hehehe but believe me they are actually that good im just surprised and impressed)



  - Inexpensive
  - Neutral everyday colours
  - Worth the price
  - Good packaging
  - Good texture and wear


  - Only one i can think of is the typical chinese eyeshadow type scent but its not really a con for me, might bother someone else.


  Its is an excellent everyday neutral/nude shadows palette at an extremely affordable price, just use an eyeshadow primer for even better results! Highly recommended! I bought these online from for Pkr 950.

My Rating:  5/5

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  1. Beautiful neutral shades! The price tag is good too! Thanks for following my blog :) Followed yours too !