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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Haul From Rouge

  Hey everyone, today's post was a must share one! A haul from Rouge. Keep reading to check out how my experience was with rouge and what i got :D
  I ordered around 11th October i think and received my parcel 25th November. Yup these things take time and i dont mind that one bit ^_^. One thing that i have to share with you guys is that every time i have ordered stuff from international markets, i have always gotten a price quote from like 6/7 Facebook pages that arrange this international stuff. And i can say this with full confidence that every single time the BEST prices (lowest) were from Rouge. Every single time!
  Anyhow, this is my haul from rouge! :)

Pkr 1200 (setting brush) and Pkr 1300 (expert face brush)

Pkr 2200

Pkr 600

Pkr 2800

Pkr 3850

Pkr 3850

yay! a freebee sample thingy!


  After my intensive investigation, :p, i can say Rouge always has the lowest prices, good trustable service and im never ordering from anywhere else again ^_^. Thanku Rouge i loved it!

Rouge Facebook Page


  1. Nice haul.. and yes rouge offers the best prices, i have got so many things from this page and would love to order them in future.

  2. Sweet ! I loved your haul =D I have had my eyes on Mac's full coverage foundation for a while now and got it yesterday !! Totally fell in love with it <3

    1. great! please if you find out whats the best way to apply it, tell me too!! im struggling a little :p