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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Jewellery From En Vogue Boulevard - Haul and Review

  Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing great! So today im REALLY excited to do this post! I ordered some jewellery from the facebook page En vouge boulevard and this is how it turned out.

  I ordered from them on the 21st of November and received my parcel on 24th!! and that too because 23rd was a sunday! omg am i impressed with the extremely quick delivery time! WOW thanku guys!
Very easy to order from them, just inbox them on facebook, email them or simply send a message with the product code on whatsapp, thats what i did. So over all in love with the service!
  And now coming to the products, i must say they were beyond awesome! i mean i somehow wasnt expecting a very good quality or finish but these exceeded my expectations by soooo much! i was pleasantly surprised and extremely happy! And the packaging they sent it in was sooo cute! you'll see.

Just look at that cute pink box! What a nice way to send the jewellery.

So, this is what was inside.

This one is a large 80+ cm chain which is extremely good quality and gorgeous! Pkr 1350

This is another gorgeous one, 40 cm, Pkr 1500

This beauty is also extremely gorgeous, cost Pkr 1500

  Im in love, love, LOVE with all 3 things i ordered from en vouge boulevard, from their quick and easy service with COD to the cute packaging and the excellent quality of the jewellery. Highly recommended!
En Vouge Boulevard Facebook Page

If anyone else has a shopping experience with them, do let me now what do u think. Takecare everyone :)


  1. OMG, Samar! I am not a jewelry person but these are so cool! ^_^ Especially the last one! Great picks, I must say!

  2. Thanks Samar... :) plz visit us at: