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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bourjois Foundations Flower Perfection, 123 Perfection, Healthy Mix Review, Swatches and Comparison

  Bourjois is one of my favourite drugstore makeup! I really liked their healthy mix formula which made me wanna try out the rest of their foundations so here i have an extensive review, swatches and comparison of these foundations, Flower Perfection, 123 Perfect, Healthy mix. Hope you enjoy :) (this could get long :p)


What bourjois claims:

  Smooth, beautified complexion for 16 hours and that the foundation has a feather light sensation.

My Review:

   To start of, the packaging is nice 30ml bottle and has a nice baby pink coloured top. On the top is a sponge which comes out of the cover, the sponge is pretty much useless as far as i am concerned, did not find it very helpful in applying the foundation. The bottle is glass, and over all the look of the foundation is good.
  The bottle has a perfect pump which dispenses the exact amount of foundation you want without any mess. The texture of the foundation is a bit thick, not runny, its kinda hard to blend, and a very little amount is needed, once blended out it has a lovely velvety finish.
  The scent is moderate flowery scent, it might bother some people, not me. The coverage is medium to buildable to full. The staying power is not 16 hours, but it does last pretty long specially in winters, around 8/9 hours and in humid summers around 6/7 hours and with touch ups it can go on. Its transfer resistant. I'd not recommend this for winters for people with dry skin. It is recommended for oilies and combos in both weathers and for dry skin people, use a good moisturizer before, otherwise it can look flakey. And it has spf 15.
  And for the other claims, i must say it DOES provide a very good finish, even after hours of wear, fine lines and pores do not appear bigger with this foundation, the face looks pretty flawless, a big thumbs up for this, though the texture is not exactly feather light, it is the heaviest of the 3, but still not that heavy.


- Good finish
- Good staying power
- Keeps your face looking flawless without any cracks or lines in the foundation
- Good coverage


- Hard to blend
- Scent might bother some people
- Can appear flaky if not blended enough

My Rating:  4.5/5


What Bourjois Claims:

  Flawless complexion even to perfection for 16 hours. Yellow, mauve and green pigments which are anti dark circles, anti dull complexion and anti redness. 24 hour hydration, Second skin, melting texture.

My Review:

  It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a black pump. Neat and easy to use. Travel friendly. This one has a veryyy slight scent to it. The texture is slightly thick but easier to blend as compared to flower perfection.
  The staying power is again not 16 hours but 9/10 hours in winters and 6/7 hours in humid summers. (my face does not let ANYTHING stay on it in summers :p). Again i would recommend dry skin people to use a good moisturizer under this and it is a good choice for oilies and combos. The coverage it provides is medium and the finish is flat matte. It actually does feel like a second skin :).
  I dont use concealer at all, but if you have extreme dark circles, cant say this foundation alone will be enough for you, but if you have slight ones, this will do just fine. It covers up redness pretty good too! But the 24 hour hydration is a bunch o bull :p oh and it has spf 10.


- Light feel
- Good staying power
- Nice matte finish
- Feels like a second skin


- Might not suit dry skins

My Rating:  4.8/5


What Bourjois Claims:

  Healthy glow and flawless complexion upto 16 hours. Hydrated and luminous skin. 70% more radiance.

My Review:

  The packaging is exactly the same as 123 Perfect's, only that the pump is red. I love these pumps for dispensing the product. The texture is thinner than the other two, but still not runny and its easy to blend. The scent is a nice mild yummy gummy scent, i love it!
  The staying power is a little lower as compared to other two in summers. In winters it gives the same 8/9 hours and in summers its gives 5/6 hours at max. But i love this one, its my go to foundation in winter, it is PERFECT for winters. I have dry to combo skin, I would not recommend it for very oily skin people. Dry skins and combos you guys are gonna love this!
  The coverage ranges from light to medium and the finish is a lovely, radiant, dewy pretty finish. I love foundations with a dewy finish. It does give radiance and hydration to your face.


- Lovely dewy finish
- Perfect for winters
- Good staying power in winters
- Extremely light and natural on the skin


- Lesser wear power in humid summers
- Might not suit oily skins

My Rating:  4.9/5


  One thing i have to WARN everyone about is that these foundations OXIDIZE, all of them! Specially 123 Perfect the most. So i have these in lighter shades than my skin and they oxidize to my shade :D. Be careful while selecting the shades, keeping this in mind.

                            One swipe L to R : Flower perfection, 123 Perfect and healthy mix (all in shade 52)

                       After oxidization L to R: Flower Perfection, 123 Perfect, Healthy mix (all in shade 52)


Flower perfection: flowery moderate
123 Perfect: mild pleasant
Healthy mix: fruity gummi moderate

Flower perfection: Velvety, semi matte
123 Perfect: Completely matte
Healthy mix: Dewy

Staying Power:
Flower perfection: winters 8/9 hours, summers 6/7 hours
123 Perfect: winters 9/10 hours, summers 7 hours
Healthy mix: winters 9 hours, summers 5/6 hours

Flower perfection: least of the 3
123 Perfect: most of the 3
Healthy mix: less than 123 perfect, more than flower perfection

Flower perfection: Medium to full
123 Perfect: Medium
Healthy mix: Light to medium

Suitable for:
Flower perfection: Combo, oily, dry
123 Perfect: Combo, oily, dry (with good moisturization)
Healthy mix: Combo and dry


  So there you have it, i think they are all great, my favourite is healthy mix, i wish it gave a longer wear time in  summers too. Their costs are as follows, Flower Perfection Pkr 2535, 123 Perfect Pkr 2250, Healthy mix Pkr 2250. You can get them online from, also they are available at all leading drugstores! Which is the best for you is upto you to select according to your skin type.
Takecare :)

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