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Saturday, 3 January 2015

The balm Downboy, Fratboy, Bahama mama and Mary Loumanizer Review And Swatches

  Hey everyone! So in today's post im gonna review these goodies from The Balm: Downboy blush, Fratboy blush, Bahama mama bronzer and Mary Loumanizer highlighter. So read on!


  Starting off with Downboy, the packaging is really cute as you can see (as well as all others), it has a mirror inside and a matte cool toned pink blush. The blush is pretty well pigmented but is somewhat powdery in texture (i suppose i was expecting a more velvety texture) but anyhow blends pretty nicely. There's no scent to any of these. The staying power is pretty good, around 7ish hours (as far as i've tested).


  This is a matte bright pinky coral blush and it has a more softer texture compared to downboy (not sure why). This blush is also very pigmented with the staying power of 7ish hours.

Bahama Mama Bronzer:

  This a great shade for contouring. Its matte and not orangy at all, which makes it a perfect shade for contouring.

Mary Loumanizer:

  Finally, mary loumanizer :). What a gorgeous dull gold highlighter/shimmer with a great staying power. This comes in a silver plastic packaging with a mirror inside. It does not have that glittery shimmer with huge chunks of glitter, rather a really blended shine. So it can be used as an everyday highlighter.

Swatches for comparison:

  Here are all 4 swatches together for comparison purposes.

                             (L to R): Mary loumanizer, Bahama mama bronzer, Downboy, Fratboy.


- Good pigmentation
- Good staying power
- Cute packaging
- No scent
- Easily blendable


- A little expensive
- These might not suit all skin tones, better suited for fair to fair medium skin tones.


  Over all im really happy with all these! They have great pigmentation, the bronzer n blushes are matte and everyday wearable kinda shades while the highlighter is simply gorgeous for anytime. I got these from different places, Maryloumanizer for Pkr 2400, and the rest for Pkr 2000 each.

Rating: 5/5