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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Anatomicals 'Not Another Rough Day Please' Body Lotion Review

Hey readers, heres my review on anatomicals body lotion " Not another rough day please". Haha i love the name, to find out what i think about this body lotion, read on. :)

Anatomicals claims:

  well read it yourself :p this is funny

My Review:

  The product comes in a 200ml, neat, bright blue, squeeze bottle, which i like and is convenient. It has a flip cap which i seem to have broken :p. The lotion has a medium consistency, its not runny. It has a nice scent to it, i like it, but it might bother some people because it is slightly strong.

  It absorbs within seconds once its applied, the scent stays for much longer, it does give a nice softness to the skin which last for maybe 30 minutes :/, as far as the moisturization is concerned, im not impressed. It lasts for hardly 30 minutes to an hour in winters, i feel the need to apply it again and again. I guess this makes it a good moisturizer for summers, non greasy, easily absorbed, since you dont need much in summers.


  - Suitable moisturizer for humid summers


  - Not very moisturizing
  - The scent might bother some people, not me :)
  - Does not provide prolonged moisturization


  This is a big NO NO moisturizer for winters, but a suitable one for humid summers because its non greasy and absorbs in seconds. It does not provide good moisturization tough :(. I got it online from for Pkr. 650.

Rating: 3/5

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