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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Highlighting Basics

  Hey everyone, today im going to give you basics about highlighting. We will discuss where to highlight, how to and what to use. Personally, highlighters are my FAVOURITE products in cosmetics, i simply adore them, they make your face look so glowy and healthy :)

Cosmetics for highlighting:
  There are many products you can use for highlighting ie creams, liquids and powders. I just love highlighters so much! Highlighters/ Shimmers/ Illuminators are some of the different names for highlighting products. Here are some powder highlighters. Sleek, Etude, Revlon, Luscious, Elf, Essence have good highlighters.

  Here are some cream highlighters, i dont like them THAT much, they are just ok, they would probably be good for people with extremely dry skins BUT they do give a natural finish. I just dont like the feel :/. These are cream highlighters from Elf and W7.

  Last but not the least liquid highlighters, which give a very natural highlight, i love them, along with the powders :). Revlon, Dmgm. Diana of london, W7, Benefit, Nars have some very good liquid highlighters.

Tools for highlighting:
  For creams and liquid highlighters, you can very much use your clean fingers or sponges. They are much easier to handle and apply. For powders you can use your usual brushes like fan shaped, dome shaped, angled brushes and even blush brushes.

How to highlight:
  Whatever type of highlighter you are using, you need to apply the highlighter to the areas of your face you want to stand out and be brighter than the rest of the face. Again, i would say dont over do it, though theres nothing much that can go wrong with highlighting, there shouldnt be an unnatural shimmer all over your face. Always tap your brush a little after picking up the product on the brush. The areas highlighted in blue are the areas you need to highlight to bring out the brightness in your face.

1- Centre of your forehead
2- Brow bones
3- Bridge of nose
4- Above cheeks
5- Cupids bow (the V of your upper lip)
6- Chin protuberance
7- Beauty bones

  So there you have it, some basics on highlighting. If you haven't tried highlighting yet, do try it, you'll love how pretty it looks, if no where else, even just on your cheeks and nose, it gives you that healthy youthful glow. Do give me feedback about my posts and please tell me which highlighters are your favourite, i would love to know about more good products! takecare! :)


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