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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sleek Blush By 3 In Pumpkin & Lace Review

  Hey guys! This is going to be a review of Sleek's blush by 3 in Pumpkin and lace as well as a comparison between the two, because they seem to have somewhat similar colours but are they actually? Read to find out :)

What Sleek Claims:

  The palettes have been formulated with intense pigment, yet the shades can be layered, in order to achieve the required intensity.

My Review:

  I,ll start off by saying that yes their claim is absolutely right! These are extremely pigmented blushes whooo! They come in sleek *pun intended* :p black cases with a mirror inside and 3 blushes in each palette. The quality and size of the palette is extremely travel friendly and sturdy, i really love the packaging. The blushes are heavily pigmented so you will have to be really careful with how much product you pick up with your brush, u really need a VERY little amount, they offer a very good staying power. Theres no brush included, that doesnt bother me because i like to use my own.


  The Pumpkin palette has 3 shades in it: P pie, Squash, Lantern. Squash and lantern are matt and p pie has a very slight gold shimmer in it.
-P pie is a carroty-reddish shade
-Squash is a doll pink shade
-Lantern is an orange shade

On the lower side all the details are written along with the names.


  Lace has the following 3 shades: Chantilly, Guipure, Crochet. Chantilly and Crochet are matt shades, Guipure has pretty gold shimmer in it.
-Chantilly is a peach-ish shade.
-Guipure is a pink shade with a LOT of gold shimmer, pretty! Perfect for weddings and functions etc
-Crochet is a carrot coral shade, lighter than p pie from the pumpkin palette.

Swatches For Pumpkin:

See the pigmentation?? :O

Swatches For Lace:

Comparison Pumpkin VS Lace:

  Lets see what are the similarities and the differences between these two.

  The upper palette is Lace and the one in the lower row is Pumpkin.
See the similarities now? 

On the left side of the pairs are swatches from the Lace palette and on the right side of the pairs are the swatches from the Pumpkin palette.

Similarities: Crochet (lace) looks like a lighter version of P Pie (pumpkin)
Differences: But if you look closely enough, Crochet (lace) is actually towards coral and pink while P pie (pumpkin) is more of a reddish hue.

Similarities: Guipure (lace) looks as if Squash (pumpkin) has been filled with gold shimmer.
Difference: The difference is more obvious here, Guipure (lace) is a pure shimmer blush with more of the gold factor giving it a slight peachish touch while Squash (pumpkin) is plain doll pink!

Similarities: Chantilly (lace) looks like a lighter version of Lantern (pumpkin)
Differences: But if you look closely Chantilly is actually an orangy peach colour while Lantern (pumpkin) is a straight orange shade.


  - Excellent pigmentation
  - Good staying power
  - Awesome packaging
  - Pretty colours to make selections from
  - Overall a good bargain


  - Some people might find this expensive
  - Other than this i really cant think of any


  I think these palettes are lovely and a good worth for your money. I would definitely recommend. They are available at at a price of Pkr 1700. Which one to buy is upto you whether you like lighter colours or you want the darker colours for some events or you could be like me and buy both hehe :D. Hope you enjoyed the review and comparison, do let me know what you think and if you've tried other blush palettes from sleek. Takecare!

Rating:  5/5

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