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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Coastal Scents Brow Tones Review

   Hey guys, today im going to review Brow Tones by Coastal Scents, it is a bit late of a review but totally worth it! So read on if you love dressing your brows! Because well groomed brows make a major difference on your face.

My Review:

   The product comes in a black, sleek, shiny, plastic box which i think is smart and travel friendly. You open it and it has a mirror and the product which consists of 4 brow powder in different colours. Starting from a light brown, then auburn, then a darker brown and then a black.

   The brush you see in there, is not the brush that came with this palette, I put it myself, I lost the original brush but here's a picture off the internet of the original brush that comes with it. I did not like that brush that's why I changed it with an angled eyebrow brush of my own.

  This is the original brush, with an eyeshadow applicator at one end so you can use these as eyeshadows too which is not a bad idea and the other end has a not so good angled eyebrow brush.

And this is the angled eyebrow brush I use with this palette.

   Now on to the quality of the palette. This is my favourite go to eyebrow palette. I don't like using pencils for my eyebrows neither would i recommend them, they end up making the eyebrows look too heavy and fake. These powders are not very pigmented, they are just medium pigmented, which for me is good because they give a VERY natural look. So for daily wear i use the light brown shade and for parties or where i need darker eyebrows i use the dark brown and black colours. The auburn shade is also used depending on my mood but it does not look off at all and gives a darker colour to the brows. And yes they can be used as eyeshadows but they're not that pigmented. No scent, no irritation. The colour lasts all day on my brows and the quantity is loaaaddz! I don't see this finishing any time soon :p



   - Look natural
   - Conveinient to carry
   - 4 colours for different intensities
   - Easy to use


   - Included brush is not much of a help
   - Availability
   - If you think its too light
   - You dont like using brow powders
   - Will have to swipe 2/3 times for a darker more intense look


   Its my go to eyebrow palette and i really love it. If this ever finishes i would purchase this again for daily use but i think coastal scents has stopped making this particular one and has come out with a new brow palette but this particular palette is still available at many online sites and facebook pages (check out the coastal scents fb page and amazon too). It costs something around Pkr 1100 or so. ($9.95)

My Rating:  4/5

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