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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New Laptop Revamped To Pink :D

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  Hi Guys! I know this is not our usual make up related post but since its a girly post, i thought i'd share it with you guys! I really love the colour pink and im sure a lot of you ladies out there do too! Its so hard to buy a good pink laptop with good specs in Pakistan, i know i tried :p So this is what i did!

  In addition to being a makeup addict, i must confess im also a bit of a tech addict :p. So anyway i got this amazing super sleek laptop from Helwett Packard (HP) with pretty good specs.
- HP Envy 14
- Core i5, 4th gen, 2.3 ghz
- 750 gb HDD
- 4 gb RAM
- 2 gb dedicated nvidia graphics card
- Super thin and 14 inch screen
This is what the laptop originally looked like

  To turn it into a pretty pink lappy, i got a neat laptop skin made from . I found my own image to convert into the skin and sent it to dexpel, they have a very neat system to make sure the skin accurately fits your laptop's cover. They give you the option of making your laptop skin glossy or matte, i chose matte, i think it looks more classy. And also this laptop skin protects your laptop from scratches, stains, dust and stuff. This is how it looks with the cover. I love it!

  And after this i ordered a pink silicone keyboard skin from They get stuff from uk i think and offer cash on delivery :D and deliver around 30-45 days which i did not mind at all. I totally love the keyboard skin as well! Its pink! :D and its so soft to touch, reduces the noise of key press and again protects your keys and keyboard from stains, scratches, dust and fading! :) Though you have to be careful in selecting wether the keyboard skin you're gettin is made for your laptop or not. This can be done by close observation of the keys printed, key shapes etc on your keyboard and the keyboard skin.

  Other things you can do are revamping your operating system, you can download pink icons and cursors. Also themes and wallpapers! :) I used the colour pink, you can use any colour you like. I hope this post was helpful for you guys :) Takecare!


  1. This is awesome!! I'm visiting the websites right now to see if i can do this too :-D

  2. Cool post. Cool laptop skin! :D