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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Elf Cream Blushes Review And Swatches

  Cream blushes put the most natural blush into your cheeks. Specially in winters they are the best, hydrating and no worries of them melting away. Here is my review of Elf cream blushes in the shades heartbreaker, seductress and vixen.
                                       Heartbreaker,                                      Seductress,                                              Vixen

My Review:
  To begin with, i love the packaging, its adorable, tough not very travel friendly but who cares, im sure they can fit somewhere :p. The texture is more like a mousse rather than a cream. It applies wonderfully and is highly pigmented. Once applied it doesnt feel creamy or powdery or anything, theres just colour on your cheeks with no film at all :D amazing! Even the oilies can use it easily! All you have to do is make sure you blend it in real good because it is pretty pigmented. The product used is very less, these will probably last me a lifetime :/. The staying power is very good! These blushes look really natural. Theres an almost absent scent to these. You can apply these blushes with either your fingers or a sponge, both work great, tough using fingers in a pot can be a bit unhygienic. Make sure you use clean fingers.

  This is a doll candy pink colour, really cute!

  This is a reddish shade but blends into a pretty natural flush on your cheeks.

  This is somewhere between pink and mauve.


                         Heartbreaker                                             Seductress                                                    Vixen      

  - Natural finish
  - Good staying power
  - Feel very light on skin
  - Easy to use and blend
  - Highly pigmented

  - Bulky packaging
  - You find it unhygienic to use
  - You dont like cream blushes
  - You might not like it if you have VERY dry skin

  I love these blushes, the colours are gorgeous, colour pay-off is awesome, stay time is great! Theres a whole lotta product. All in all one of the best cream blushes i've used. You can order it online from the pages on facebook i've mentioned in my post about online shopping. I got these a year back so i cant really remember the price, these were around 800-1000 bucks maybe.

Rating:  4.5/5 

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