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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Essence Eyeshadows Review And Swatches

  Hey guys, today im going to review two cute eye colours by Essence. I usually prefer softer and nuder colours for my eyes (dunno y :p but not always tough), so im gonna start with my review on Essence Eyeshadows in "Its upto you (44)" and "Shrimp me up (55)".

Essence claims:
  -These are super soft and long lasting eyeshadows

My Review:
  The colours are cute and soft, more like everyday wearable colours. The transparent plastic packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. As far as essence claims they are super soft, a bit too much at that they are :p. They are hard to pick up on a brush or even fingers, you'd have to run your brush a couple of times in the product to get some on it. So they are not very pigmented but they are still good for their soft subtle colour for everyday use. If you use two or more coats of the product, it does give you a good colour then. The lasting power is good, i used these with an eye primer, they stayed a good 5/6 hours on my eyes. I havent used them without a primer but i think they should do 4 hour atleast. There was no creasing of the product. The powder is silky to touch. There are tiny specks of glitter in there, very tiny and the colour itself has a tiny sheen to it on its own as well.

Its upto you (44):
  This is a true pinky pink colour.

Shrimp me up (55):
  This is an orangy peachy colour which goes on really light.


                   Its upto you (1 coat),     Its upto you (3 coats),       Shrimp me up (3 coats),       Shrimp me up (1 coat)

                                          Its upto you (44)                                               Shrimp me up (55)

  - Inexpensive
  - Good for everyday use
  - Soft texture
  - Lasting power is good

  - Not very pigmented, you'll have to do extra coats for more colour
  -The lighter colours give very less colour payoff
  - I dont like shine in my eye colours for everyday use so thats a con for me, it might be a pro for       other people :) tough its very minimal, the shine

  These colours are not very pigmented but they do just fine with multiple coats, the colours are cute and soft and the lasting power is also good. They are available at all leading drugstores. I got them online from for Rs.280 only.

Rating: 3/5


  1. great..thanks for sharing.. shrimp me up seems a nice everyday shade...