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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Khaadi Nail Colours Review

  Hey guys! Today i,ll be reviewing 2 pretty nail colours from khaadi in the shade 41 and 42, they had 5/6 shades if i remember correctly, i got these two. Read on to see their swatches and reviews.


  The glass bottles are similar to colour studio professional nail colour bottles. They come in a paper-ish box with bright colours and a pretty print. The major problem i have with nail colours is their chipping off at the edges of nails x( so annoying! But i've worn these colours for 2/3 days straight and there wasn't any chipping, i like that :). The colours are nice, the red one doesn't come out as dark on the nails as it is in the bottle, the pink one looks exactly the same on the nails as in the bottle. The colour depth of the pink (41) shade can be built up, not so much with the red (42) one.

  At the back there's a bar code, some numbers and its price, Pkr 200, which is very affordable!

                                                                                Shade 42                                  Shade 41

  I dont know if you guys can see or not, it was pretty hard for me to find too :p so the pink shade is the number 41

  And this is shade number 42


                                                                                                  Shade 41

                                                                                                Shade 42


  I bought these from khaadi outlet in F10 and one nail colour costs Pkr 200 which is pretty inexpensive and the quality is satisfactory too!

Rating: 4/5

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