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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Maybelline 'Fit Me' Line Review And Swatches

  Hey everyone! Today im here with a review of the Maybelline 'fit me' range. I'll be reviewing the foundation, concealer and compact powder from the fit me line. Who does the Fit me range really target and is this range for you or not? Keep reading to find out!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation In 120:

  Starting with the packaging, its pretty convenient, its a clear glass bottle with a plastic cap and a plastic pump, though i've heard there are some versions out there without a pump??
  Anyway coming to the product it self, it has a mild flowery scent, the formula is really liquidy, bit runny. The foundation in the bottle looks so dark, but doesnt come out as dark, so finding the right match might be a bit confusing. On application, this feels very light almost like a tinted moisturiser. Gives a really nice, natural dewy finish and a medium coverage which is buildable to some extent.
  Now the staying power varies a lot! Oilies should steer clear of this, its not for u. Dry skinned people and combinations, this should work for u, and that too in winters. As much as i love the finish, the stay is not so good, I get shiny in about 3/4 hours in warmer seasons, but it gives a much better wear in winters and is actually very moisturising for dry skins. Use a primer and set it with a powder and it will last you 6/7 hours for sure, maybe longer for some people (winters again). I do not use a moisturiser under this, most people might not need to, but if you're very dry skinned, then you might need to. 
  This foundation is actually targeted for younger, smoother and not so problematic skins. People who just want to give their skin a little boost. The coverage is medium, you will definitely need a concealer if you have dark circles or problem areas.
  And one MAJOR thing to mention, it does blend into your skin like a dream, like you have nothing on your skin.


Maybelline fit me foundation in 120: (L to R) Foundation, Foundation spread out, Foundation blended out


- Light weight
- Dewy natural finish
- Very moisturising
- A good choice for winters
- Blends extremely well to your skin colour


- Not for oily skins
- NOT for summers
- Wear time not so good but can be prolonged by using primer, powder and makeup fixers.
- Not enough coverage for some people

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer In 15 (Fair) And 25 (Medium):

    The concealers from the Fit me line are probably the best product they have in their line! They are in plastic tubes and have application wands attached to the caps. Again the scent is mild. 
  Coming to the product quality, they are great! Well pigmented and long staying. They cover redness and under eye dark circles VERY well. I usually have no use for a concealer excpet for dark circles and these are pretty much perfect for covering dark circles up.
  I dot these on to the required areas and then pat with my ring finger to cover the desired area. I use the shade 25 for covering up the under eye area, and it looks very natural, not cakey at all neither ashy. And then i set it with a loose translucent powder, which is a must with any concealer you use otherwise it might settle into your fine lines under eyes. I tried using the shade 15 under my eyes too, but it looks too ashy, so i use it for highlighting and its great for that! 
  I,ll be doing an in depth review of this concealer soon, stay tuned!


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: (Left) 15, (Right) 25

- Good pigmentation
- Good staying power
- Convenient packaging
- Does not set into fine lines


- Not much of a choice of colours

Maybelline Fit me Pressed Powder In 130:

  The pressed powder from the Fit me line is again targeted to people who are not looking for a heavy coverage, dry skins and the not so problematic skins.
  The packaging is kinda bulky but perfect for travelling and on the go touch ups, with a huge mirror and a powder puff for application. I like it!
  Coming to the product, it does NOT have any coverage really, it blends into a pearly light layer, its not heavy at all, does not appear cakey, the best use for this is to set your foundation. As my readers would know i am not much of a powder person and i hate a flat matte face. So i like this powder because it isnt heavy, has minimal coverage and sets your makeup with out making you look flat matte. I use it to set my makeup on my T-zone and also as a highlighter as you can see the powder is much lighter as compared to the foundation (again in winters). But the drawback, the only thing it has to do is set your makeup, and its not really long lasting at that and not much of oil control either :s. So yeah...


Mayebelline Fit Me Pressed Powder (Left) Swatch, (Right) Blended (see the pearly finish)


- Light weight
- Light coverage (yes thats a pro for me, i dont like powders with coverage :p)
- Pearly finish
- Love the packaging


- Light coverage (its a con for most people i suppose)
- Poor stay time
- Poor oil control
- Not for summers again!
- Not for oily skins

Conclusion And Ratings:

  As much as i want to love the foundation and powder for the perfect dewy, natural finish, medium coverage, light weight feel and moisturising properties, the poor wear time is really a turn off :(
But the concealer rocks! its perfect ^_^

- Fit Me Foundation: 3.8/5

  Overall this is a good foundation for winters and for normal/dry/combo skins ONLY. Not for people who need heavier coverage to cover up acne etc. Perfect for people who have minor skin problems like mild uneven skin tone etc. Cost Pkr 975

- Fit me Concealer: 5/5

  This is hands down one of the best concealers i've used, highly recommend its use to everyone and in every weather. Cost Pkr 975

- Fit me Pressed Powder: 3/5

  The powder is good for highlighting and setting makeup only in winters and for normal/dry/combo skins. Not for oilies, not for summers. Cost Pkr 1200

  I got these from my local drug store, you can also get this from your local drugstores, or get it online from just4girls,pk. What do you guys think about this range, do let me know :). Takecare!


  1. Already using the concealer and I am pretty happy with it. I was usinga 4k concealer first and this one took its place. Very cheap and does wonders. :D

  2. However, I bought it for 750 and not 975 :/ as far as i remember

    1. yes, the concealer is awesome! i think the price changed after july, after the budget thingy, everything got a lil expensive :(

  3. Want to try their concealer, is it good for under eye dark circles?

    1. Definitely! works like charm for me, looks VERY natural, i'd say give it a try! just select the correct shade, and i.ll be doing an in depth review of this concealer soon

  4. hi, as you wrote above that you'll be doing these concealer's review. If you don't mind, please do tell in that review that how we can use the 2 different shades of concealer for hiding the dark circles under eyes, and highlighting under the eye area (like every say highlight in triangle shape)? I'm so confuse. But as you have bought two different shades of concealers please do explain the solution in that review. Thanks in adv- your new fan

    1. hey! i will definitely tell how how to conceal, highlight and also contour with the new shade of these concealers i got, other than that, please read these posts on highlighting and contouring i posted earlier in the beauty 101 section for more help :)


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  6. I've tried so many "long wearing" lipsticks that are total disappointments, but this is pretty astounding in it's longevity and coverage. MANY times better than the most expensive brands of long-wearing lipstick, including MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Laura Mercier, etc.. It IS drying though, which is the nature of matte, long lasting lipstick, so I put lipbalm on top of it, and it's perfect

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  8. Got this due to the awesome reviews and I’ve not been disappointed! Great delivery time to Australia . Love it!! I bought it from here:

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  10. It IS drying though, which is the nature of matte, long lasting lipstick, so I put lipbalm on top of it, and it's perfect