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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Natural Makeup Tutorial

  Hey there dear readers! Today im going to give you a picture tutorial on how to apply your foundation if you want a natural finish! and the everyday natural look along with it :)

  So lets start with the fact that a natural looking face is a bit dewy, a completely matte face looks flat and unnatural because our natural skin has a soft shine to it right? And besides a nice soft glow looks healthy and fresh. This might get a little long :p

Clean face:
  You should start with a squeaky clean face and hands, wash your face with your favourite face wash and towel dry it with a patting motion.

  This step is the most important in making your skin look good, moisturize your skin with the regular moisturizer you use, for dry skins use a good moisturizer and for the oilies use a toner and/or a moisturizer that suits you and doesnt make you excessively oily. For dry skins i recommend Jergens fair and soft, for combination, i recommend neutrogena moisturizer plus st ives, and for oilies, st. ives or any moisturizer that suits you. Which ever moisturizer you use, let it sit and sink into your skin for atleast 5-10 minutes.

  Next step is the primer, you only need a pea sized amount, dot the primer onto your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Start from your nose blending your primer to the outer corners of your face. Dont over rub! Apply it gently once all over your face n leave it for 30 seconds to 1 minute to set.
  Since only my nose gets oily i dont have such a problem with oil control, my favourite primers are Diana of london, Palladio, Bourjois and one of the best is Norman merle's.

  Next step is applying your foundation. Now for a natural finish you need a foundation that has a dewy and natural finish, check out my post about natural finish foundations to know some such foundations. Bourjois Healthy mix is highly recommended for dry and combination types, and Merle Norman lasting foundation is highly recommended for the oilies.

  You can apply your foundation with brushes, sponges or your clean fingers. I prefers fingers or a flat top buffing brush to buff it all in for a natural finish. Details on how to use these brushes/sponges and the coverage they provide will be in my posts later on.

  Let your foundation set for 3-5 minutes, if you need to apply a concealer, do it once your foundation has set, dot the concealer on the required areas, dont rub it, blend it with a patting motion with your fingers.

Highlighter/ Illuminator/ Shimmer:
  Next we apply the highlighter. People with oily skins might want to apply a powder highlighter, sleek and essence have some good powder highlighters.
  For people with dry and combination type skins, a liquid highlighter looks the most natural. Diana of london illuminator, Benefit high beam, W7 highlighter, are some good liquid highlighters. Other than this we have cream and powders as well.

   Apply highlighter on the areas of your face i have highlighted in blue in the picture below. Apply with fingers or brushes/sponges as you like, just dont over do it like theres a party on your face :p
Thats forehead, brow bones, cheeks, bridge of nose, cupids bow (the v on your upper lip) and  chin. Contouring is not something i would do everyday or for a natural look, so we'll skip it here.

  Apply a nice, light pink peach coloured blush to your cheeks, just giving a hint of colour. A cream blush or a mousse blush would give the most natural finish. Nyx pinched powder blush, maybelline mouse blush in peach satin, Nyx cream blush in natural, Elf cream blush in heartbreaker are some good picks. Applying cream blushes with a sponge gives a good finish. The blush you choose should be according to your skin tones, the colour should be near to your own natural flush.

Apply on the apples of your cheeks and your nose, like i have highlighted in red in the picture below. Did you guys know your cheeks and nose are supposed to be the same color for a natural look :)

Setting your makeup:
  This step will also be different for the dry and combination types and the oily types.
Dry/Combinations, you guys should set your makeup with a setting spray/mist. Mua, Elf, Merle Norman, Kryolan have some good setting sprays. Now this should give you a beautiful natural finish :). If combination types want to apply powder to their nose or very oily areas i would suggest they apply only at the required areas and apply a loose translucent powder.
  For oilies, i would suggest using a loose translucent powder all over the face with a big fluffy brush. Try translucent powders by kryolan, bourjois, catrice and loreal.

Finishing touches:
  Apply a light coloured brow powder to your eyebrows to make them neat, dont darken your brows, a lighter colour is always better for a more natural look, my favourite brow kit is coastal scents brow tones.

  For your eyes use either a light nude eyeshadow alone or if your going to line your eyes, use a pencil liner, grey and browns look really nice for a natural look, you can use a black liner too if you'd like :) Maybelline, diana of london, bourjois and sweet touch have very good pencil liners.

  Apply a mascara that is not too heavy, a good everyday mascara i've used is from bell. Other brands to expect good everyday mascaras from are maybelline, rimmel, catrice, merle norman and bourjois.

  And finally finish up your natural look with a light pink peach colored lip blam or gloss. Mua and sleek have very cute colored lip balms, labello, burt bees and nyx colored lip blams are also good for natural looks :) or if you're going to use lipsticks, use a translucent lipsticks like the ones from essence and catrice.

  So there you have it, a natural everyday look, hope you guys enjoyed the post, it most certainly has gotten long :p. Stay tuned for more posts on highlighting and contouring. Do give your valuable feedback :) Takecare!


  1. Loved how you took the time to mention products according to skin types <3 Keep up the good work ! :)

  2. Fan fan tastic post! Worthy read. Thanks for taking the time out for mentioning some useful products along!!

  3. Very informative.. thanks for sharing, is the palladio primer suitable for dry skin???

    1. thanku huda, yup its suitable for dry skins, its pretty good, but do use a moisturizer before you prime ur skin :)

  4. Loving your posts ! Very informative and detailed view .. thank you keep it up

    1. thanku sweety, inshallah, keep looking forward to new posts :)