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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

TOM tou no kome Lip Glow Review

  Winter calls for moisturization for your skin. But lip balms and that too tinted lipbalms are a love through out the year! Lets see how these colour reviving lipbalms from TOM fare in the long list of lipbalms! I have these TOM Lip Glows in the shades 07 and 08.

TOM claims:

  That these are colour reviver balms.

My Review:

  These are very cute lip balms in a cute, pink plastic packaging and a cute silver knob to pull out the lipstick. These are coloured lipbalms, in the centre they have this colourless product which is a balm and outside it is a coloured portion. The texture is really creamy, somewhere between a balm and a gloss. The finish it gives is glossy. It has tiny specs of glitter in it which i dont like much. They have a nice range of colours which are close to the natural lip colours. The lasting power is pretty good for a lip balm, they can give you upto 3 hours of good colour and moisture. They keep your lips soft and moisturized.

The shade 07 has a hint of coral to it but when its on my lips it gives a bluish pink colour.

The shade 08 is more berry like in colour and on the lips its pink with slight reddish undertones.


                                                                      08                                                                                      07
Shade 07

Shade 08


- moisturizing tinted lip balms
- extremely mild scent
- pretty natural colours


- packaging is a bit bulky for a lipbalm
- availability
- you think they are expensive for a lipbalm


  Overall these are nice, pretty looking, tinted lip balms you can use for everyday wear. They are available at Al-fateh and U-Mart and cost around Pkr 850. 

Rating:  4/5 

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