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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

DIY: Make your own handy lip palette

  Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing with you a really simple yet useful idea! Travelling? why take the load of 10 lipsticks with you, make a compact lip palette of your favourite lipsticks and travel light! Or to me this just looks cute and easy to use!

What you need:

  1)  A palette - any old palette you might have on you, it could be an old eyeshadow palette which is no longer needed, or an old lip palette or any palette which has little slots in it to hold your lip colour. You can also buy empty palettes online through Amazon and other sites.
  2) Lipsticks - Next you have to select which lip colours you want in this palette, will you use the colours you use daily and the most frequently? or will you use the colours you use for outing, parties and functions. That's totally up to you. BUT be warned, when you're cutting your lipsticks to make them a part of this palette, it can be a little hard on the heart :p but the end result is simply awesome!

How to:

  -If you're using an old palette like me, clean it out real good first. Then dry it.
  -Take which ever lipsticks you have decided on, cut off the upper half of the lipstick and place it in a spoon or a metallic dish/container.
  -Now heat your spoon over a flame, could be your stove, candle or a heater. But remember NEVER let the metal come in direct contact with the flame, rather keep the spoon in the heat above the flame. This will slowly melt your lipstick until you have a liquid colour.
  -Some of your matte lipsticks might be very drying for the lips, so before you pour them into your palette, melt those lipsticks with a little amount of petroleum jelly or Vaseline to give a moisturising touch to those colours! This step is not necessary, use this where you feel the lipstick is too drying.

  -Pour the liquid into the slots in your palette. Let it set, throw in a lipbrush if there is space and there! You have your lip palette. Use as many colours as you want. But remember don't over heat and don't heat directly in the flame because this will change the colour of your lip colour to rust brown (burn!)
  -Here is what the final thing looks like, it could have been neater tough :p But now I have all my favourite colours in one place and i've added a lipbrush to it so i have my perfect lip palette! yay :D

So there you have it, do try it out and let me know what turns out! :) Hope this was helpful! Takecare!

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