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Monday, 3 March 2014

Mini Haul From Rouge

  Hey guys, its been a while since I posted because I have been travelling around a lot. So anyway, today im sharing with you a mini haul from rouge! I got Covergirl's outlast stay fabulous foundation.

  I have been hearing sooo much about Covergirl's outlast foundation that I just HAD to try it but couldn't get my hands on it until I happened to come across rouge. So here are some pictures of the packaging and the products.

One Covergirl outlast foundation costs Pkr 1950, and the COD charges are Pkr 250, I ordered this foundation in 2 shades and thus my total bill.

The packaging was good and safe, the brown paper has its own layer of bubble wrap as you can see and the product has more bubble wrap making it safe for transport.

Got them in 2 shades, classic ivory 810 and buff beige 825

About The Store:

  So about the store, Rouge is a page on facebook, and they are an online store where you can shop anything from the UK or the USA and they deliver at your doorsteps within 2-3 weeks and the best part is they offer cash on delivery :D! So its kinda perfect for me, you can shop all around for whatever cosmetic, skin care etc you need and pay for the item at your doorstep, convenient isn't it? And they have excellent service with a friendly and polite attitude :)

Here's the link to Rouge's page:

  So thats the mini haul, will post a review on these once im done my testing :) Takecare!


  1. this foundation is considered to be very long lasting full coverage one. could you please compare it with musarat misbah foundation for acne prone skin,please