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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sweet Touch Eye Pencils Review

  Eyes are the centre of attention on your face, they need to be well dressed. A perfect eyeliner would do just that! Eye pencils from sweet touch are one of the best pencils i have come across so far!

My Review:

  I have sweet touch eye pencils in black and brown. I have used all ranges of eye liners, and there are very few eye liners that stay put on my eyes, specially my lower lid. These are one of those few eyeliners which have excellent staying power. They glide on really smooth, give you absolutely intense and even colour and stay on your eyes for hours and hours. They are comparable and even better than most of the drugstore eye liners you find. And another plus point is that they are bloody inexpensive! :)


  These swatches are just one swipe of the pencils.

                                                                        Black                                              Brown


- Very good pigmentation
- Excellent staying power
- Very inexpensive


- Availability


  These are one of the best eye liners in all respects, product quality and the price. I would recommend these to everyone :). One pencil costs around Pkr 195 ( but the price varies from shop to shop, i've bought these pencils for Pkr 95 and Pkr 225 as well :p ). Availability is random, its available at Makeup city, at some drugstores like Shaheen chemist f11, Maroof pharmacy, etc and other local cosmetic shops as well.

Rating:  5/5

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