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Friday, 17 January 2014

Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Review

  Hi guys, today i will review Oriflame's Very me Peach me perfect skin glow in the shade Light. Since there's such a hype these days for bb creams and tinted moisturizers, lets see how this fares in this race.

 Oriflame claims:

  That this is a tinted moisturizer.

My Review:

  The packaging is a handy black tube with a bright orange cap. Very travel friendly packaging and easy to dispense the product. The smell is a nice fruity scent, I like it. Now on to the product, the texture is thin and flowy and peachy in colour.If you look VERY VERY closely, you can see lil golden specs of glitter. Its very smooth to apply. I've tried a few bb creams and tinted moisturizers and so far i have liked none! But THIS is the best I've used so far :) it gives a wonderful peachy glow to the face, brightens it up and evens out the skin and looks natural as anything! Like a better version of your own skin. Now remember this is a tinted moisturizer, it gives a sheer to no coverage, so if you're looking for coverage, this is not for you.
  Now staying power is really a big downfall, I use this directly on my face after washing my face. And when i apply nothing else, its staying power at MAX is 3-4 hours. Now when I say max, it means that at the 3rd hour only a very little amount of this proucts is left on your face and at the 4th hour it disappears! And this is winters im talking about. In humid summers its pretty much useless, wouldn't stay on my face for an hour :p. But if I use a primer and powder/setting spray over it, the wear period is extended to 5-6 hours.
  For the beautiful finish it gives, i really wish the staying power was good :(


Blends out beautifully natural :)

Hope you guys can see here the tiny lil specs of golden glitter, they are really hard to notice


-Good texture
-Gives beautiful even and glowy natural look
-love the smell! :) (maybe some people wont)


-Staying power is too bad :/


  It gives you that natural, glowing pretty skin BUT the staying power is so bad that its a waste all in all for me :( it might be better for someone with really dry skin. And for oilies, stay clear away :p. It costs Pkr 478 and you can get this from, and all the facebook pages which sell this brand.

Rating: 3/5

Which bb creams and tinited moisturizers are your favourite?


  1. Salmon/pink undertones provide color correction for the brown in our skin. That made me interested in this one.... but as you mentioned about the staying power, I think I would pass now!

  2. yes, it would have been so great if it had longer staying power :(